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Speak & Spell Tour: 1981.09.25 - 1982.01.23

Speak & Spell Tour: Paris

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Speak & Spell Tour: Paris, Les Bains Douches / 1981.09.29


Any Second Now [instrumental]
No Disco
New Life
Ice Machine
Big Muff
I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead
Tora! Tora! Tora!
Just Can't Get Enough
Boys Say Go!
What's Your Name?
Television Set
Dreaming Of Me
The Price Of Love


Early Songs - 2
Speak & Spell - 13


Concert no: 038

Date: 1981.09.29

Location: Les Bains Douches, 7 rue du Bourg-l'Abbe 75003 Paris / France

Audience: nominal ??? / actual: ???

Rec of gig: Bootleg Audio (Radio Brodcast)


Comment: The Bains Douches is at 7 rue du Bourg-l'Abbe 75003 Paris, and as the name of the venue sugests was a genuine old public Parisian bathouse. Walking down the stairs into the basement of the club was the dance floor, in front was the stage and to the right of the dance floor, the original communal bath full of water. The gig that night featured the standard set from that period, opening with the instrumental - Any Second Now. Their performance this night was as tight as it gets. The French audience where clearly into punk and indie music and suprisingly quite aggressive in their dancing compared to the UK. One member of the audience was shouting quite aggressively (who knows, it might have been complementary) causing Dave Gahan to angrily dedicate Just Can't Get Enough [our new single] 'to the heckler down there'.

The gig was being recorded for French radio station F3R.

After the gig, the band enjoyed a meal at the restaurant upstairs at the 'Bain Douches'. Organised by Daniel Miller, it was a chance for the band to celebrate with 'Rod Buckle' (the head of their publishing company 'Sonet' and his collegue 'Ronny') and for the band to meet the head of 'Vogue', depeche MODE's French distribution company.

That night, Daryl Bamonte and Tim Williams slept in the tour van (parked outside the bands' hotel). They were looking after a briefcase containing a contract for depeche MODE from 'SIRE' USA. Daniel Miller woke them up at about 6.00 am to collect the briefcase and take it back to London.

In the morning Martin did an interiew to tape for the radio station in the hotel breakfast room. Then news came that a French national TV station was deciding whether to chose depeche MODE (Just Can't Get Enough) or Kim Wilde (Kids from America) to do a live TV recording. The hours went by and eventually the news came that Kim Wilde had been chosen. So depeche MODE without Vince (staying for a short break in Paris) were homeward bound. With Daniel Miller having flown back to the UK in the early morning, the tour mini-bus was driven back to the UK by 'Ronny' of depeche MODE's music publishing company 'Sonet'.

Arriving back in Basildon at about midnight and parking up by Basildon Market, a fight was breaking out 50 yards away spilling out from the front door of Raquels nightclub. depeche MODE were home.

Source: basildon.newtown.newlife


Komentarz: To chyba pierwsza rejestracja i emisja Koncertu (w prawie pełnej postaci) w radio. Koncert rejestrowany przez francuskie radio. Rejestracja Koncertu, jaką można posłuchać na bootlegach jest na prawdę świetnej jakości, choć na zlocie bym go nie puścił. Jakość, jak na te czasy wyśmienita. Szczególnie znany jest zapis Koncertu w trakcie którego francuski dj opowiada o zespole, jak i samym koncercie. Bootleg ten zawiera skróconą setlistę o Dreaming Of Me i The Price Of Love.

Koncert bez komentarzy w skróconej wersji ukazał się jako bonus do Koncertu z Mediolanu z 1990.11.11

Koncert ten kończy również "europejską trasę" depeche MODE. Te 4 Koncerty poprzedzały właściwą, pierwszą w historii trasę promującą płytę. Miesiąc przerwy pozwolił zająć się promocją w gazetach i TV, a powyższe Koncerty pozwoliły doszlifować set.


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