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The Delta Machine Tour: 2013.05.04 - 2014.03.07

Delta Machine Tour: Belgrad

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The Delta Machine Tour: Belgrade, Usce Park / 2013.05.19


Intro (Welcome To My World)
Welcome To My World
Walking In My Shoes
Black Celebration
Policy Of Truth
Should Be Higher
Barrel Of A Gun
Only When I Lose Myself
When The Body Speaks
Soothe My Soul
A Pain That I'm Used To
A Question Of Time
Secret To The End
Enjoy The Silence
Personal Jesus
Just Can't Get Enough
I Feel You
Never Let Me Down Again


Delta Machine - 7
Playing The Angel - 2
Exciter - 1
The Singles 86>98 - 1
Ultra - 2
Songs Of Faith And Devotion - 2
Violator - 4
Music For The Masses - 1
Black Celebration - 2
Speak & Spell - 1


Concert no: 006 / 007

Date: 2013.05.19 (Sunday)

Location: Usce Park, Nicole Tesle Blvd, Belgrade / Serbia

Opening Act: Diamond Version

Audience: Tickets Avaliable: 27,198 / Ticekts Sold: 27,198, (100%) | Gross Revenue: $1,081,965.00

Rec of gig: ??? / ???

Facebook event: depeche MODE, Live In Belgrade


Comment: depeche MODE had to restart the Barrel Of A Gun [59]. Christian had some problems with drums. After two breaks and restart the Ableton software the gig went own way. Next song was Only When I Lose My Self [7] - 2nd time during this tour since the gig in Tel-Aviv 2013.05.07.

Very interesting comment from the fan Dzadza (HMB) about situation in Blgrad before currant gig: Last info from the promoter was (about 2 months ago) - 10 000 tickets have been sold. That's 3 times less than 2009. Few reasons for that. Tickets are now more expensive, and salaries have gone down, so lot less money to start with. Another thing is that there are many "casual" DM fans around here, and this spring/summer several gigs will be held (Mark Knopfler, Beyonce, Rammstein, Roger Waters, Joe Satriani, PIL, Whitesnake), and people basically have to choose one or two - and Roger Waters is on top of the list, Rammstein being second. Promoters announced DM gig in belgrade for TTA tour, and then belgrade didn't appear on the tour list, totu gig was cancelled...

Most important reason is - for TotU, people bought tickets in October 2008. Gig was cancelled in May, never re-scheduled, and we got our money back in September 2009. Thanks to the fact that local currency lost value, I paid 47 euros for fan pit ticket, and I got 40 euros back. People were fuming about it, but couldn't do anything - local promoter has no address, no phone, or e-mail - so there's no way to complain directly to them. So, that't the important reason for casual fans - if they choose to go, they'll buy tickets on the day of the gig. The venue might be big, but the crowd will be small...


Komentarz: depeche MODE musiał 2x restartować Barrel Of A Gun [59]. Po drugiej, nie udane próbie nastąpiła dłuższa chwila przerwy. Za trzecim razem sie udało. Kolejnym utworem było Only When I Lose My Self [7], które nie było grane od koncertu w Tel-Avivie 2013.05.07.



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